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Traveler, Researcher, Educator, Editor, Writer, Web Designer, Real Estate Investor, Crypto Currency Investor, Domain Investor. I have been the proprietor of several businesses. I have been a Licensed  Auctioneer.  Acquisition and CEO in Real Estate, Property Management, Home Restoration  Finance, Marketing, Restaurant, Manufacturing, Logistics. I am currently a Web Designer, Researcher, Editor, Writer and Educator. I have studied several Languages. I have Traveled the world and am currently residing in Central America, Republic of Panama.

My work is spread over many Continents, This current project is . The “Clubhouse” Is where I and other Private Individuals come to express the desire and motivation to accomplish many things In there lives. The 30-30 Club is a place where 30/30 is motivation. 30 things in 30 days is a starting point for achieving their Dreams


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30n30 Club.

30n30 Club “Clubhouse” Is a project I started in somewhere around 2013. It was in the begining just a place point for motivation in the morning. Today its a creative place for people from all over the world.

Here they get all the tools to develop a website or blog to earn money. They are all free and hosted for them.

Featured Project

Farm Market 

Ben Lives in Kampala, Uganda

and is working on this site 

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